Epic Adventures Hike this Sunday. Thanks Michael!

Hi Hikers –SignDesignLogo.jpg.w300h263 Will be doing a hike this upcoming  Sunday.  Departure time is 1:30 pm.

Will be doing the Deer Lake Trail System.  Still undecided on whether or not we will do the Loftquist Lake Trail or the Deer Lake Mountain route.  Will decide that day.

In any case prep for a 2-3 hour outing.  This trail system is mostly of moderate skill level, with the exception of a few steep difficult climbs.

Remember snacks, fluids and snowshoes.  Dress for the weather. Meet at Epic Adventures shop at 1:30 pm. Please advise if you will be attending or not.

More Information from Michael – Epic Adventures

Public Notice – Fitness is what Ontario Trails and Trailhead North, is all about!

The Ontario Government released its first update to Ontario’s Health and Physical Education curriculum since 1998 on Monday.

While the government came under scrutiny for the progressive health and sex education inclusions, other shifts in the curriculum also exist, including what appears to be a further shift away from formalized sport, toward fitness.

The new Health portion of the curriculum revamps an out of date document which made little to no mention of topics such as gender identity, self concept, and communications technology, and now encompasses an overall aim at understanding ones self, accepting others, and forming healthy relationships.


Year-round roofed accommodations at Quetico Park (A Trailhead North Partner)


Year-round roofed accommodations at Quetico Park

Quetico Park

Imagine enjoying all the beauty and nature of Quetico without having to bring much gear or sleep in a tent.

Maybe you are new to camping and want to stay at a park without having to invest in equipment, or perhaps you used to be a camper and no longer want to sleep on the ground.

Whatever your preference or reason, Quetico Park has new digs to accommodate.

At Dawson Trail Campgrounds the artist studio gets converted for winter accommodations for visitor lodging. The artist studio through the summer months is used in our artist-in-residence program and was restored from an old pump-house. Lately it has been also used with a slight seasonal conversion to accommodate skiers and snow-shoers throughout the quiet seasons in the Park.

Another old pump-house in Ojibwa Campground is being converted and will be ready for year-round lodging beginning this summer.

Whether you want to ski from your doorstep, snow shoe out onto a frozen lake to auger a hole to drop a line, you can do it from your doorstep of a cabin right next to French Lake. If you’d rather wait for a day on the beach, swim or dip your paddles in the water, you will be able to access the beach and your canoe from your doorstep.

The latest and most exciting addition to their roofed accommodations is the log cabin adjacent to the main beach. It was once the Nature Centre and has been converted along with a small fridge, fireplace and rustic log furniture for lodging quarters. The log cabin is ready to rent and is available year round.

The Park cross promotes with the Beaten Path Nordic Trails and encourages visitors to try out the local ski trails and works jointly on events to draw visitors to the Atikokan/Quetico area.

With 35 km of hiking and ski trails and unlimited canoe and kayak routes, Quetico has much to offer and now includes a soft bed at the end of your day.

For more information, or to make an online reservation, visit http://www.OntarioParks.com. To reserve by telephone, call 1 888 ONT PARK. For a copy of Ontario Parks Guide, call 1 800 ONTARIO

If you have questions about Quetico and its roofed accommodations please call (807) 597 2735.

Learn about Ignace Trails. A Trailhead North Partner!

Lily Pad Lake Trails

outdoor winter activities

Lily Pad Lake Trails, located near gimak Beach offer three kilometers of trail surrounding Lily Pad Lake. The trails are well maintained and provide excellent chances to view birds and wildlife. For trail maps or to find out more about Lily Pad Lake visit the Ignace Tourist Information Centre.

Hiking The Giant, Ontario’s Largest Network of Hiking Trails

Sea Lion - Famous View at Sleeping Giant Provincial ParkSea Lion – Famous View at Sleeping Giant Provincial ParkPhotos by Richard Boon

Local hiking enthusiast, Richard Boon, provides a guide to hiking the Sleeping Giant, noting Ontario’s largest network of hiking trails is located in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park a short drive outside of Thunder Bay.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, near Thunder Bay, is the place to go in Northwest Ontario for anyone who takes their hiking seriously.

The park, located on the Sibley Peninsula about an hour outside Thunder Bay, features more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) of trails, giving it the longest trail system of any Provincial Park in Ontario.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to gain a little experience, or you’re a seasoned hiker in search of new adventures, there is a trail that will suit your skill level and reward you with thrilling scenery, glimpses of wildlife, or hidden treasures such as secluded sandy beaches.

From and MORE at http://www.northernontario.travel/thunder-bay/hiking-the-giant-ontarios-largest-network-of-hiking-trails

Ontario becoming Best trail destination – worldwide, includes northern trails

Ontario Becoming Best Trail Destination Worldwide

La Cloche Silhouette Trail in Ontario Canada

If you are planning your summer hiking excursion, you may want to add Ontario to your short list. Over the past couple years,  Ontario has become one of the leading trail destinations worldwide. If you search trail information on Twitter, chances are, you’ll run across a number of trail-related Twitterites in Ontario. In general, Ontario provides a robust outdoor recreation scene with trails as one of their main focuses. Although hiking and backpacking trails make up the lion’s share of their trail system, bike trails are also beginning to pop up throughout the province. Whereas certain cities such as Amsterdam, Portland, Denver and Minneapolis are well known for biking and other areas such as Colorado, California and British Columbia are noted for hiking, Ontario is quickly and quietly becoming Trail Central by providing great trail opportunities including biking trails,hiking trails and backpacking trails. What sets Ontario apart among the various worldwide trail opportunities is their trail infrastructure and trail support system such as that provided by organizations such as Ontario Trails Council.
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