Lots of signs of spring at Ontario Parks – some in the north too!


Mar 31, 2015

, Last Updated: 11:43 AM ET

You know it’s spring in Ontario Parks when you discover these 10 signs.

Lori Waldbrook of Ontario Parks has put together this list, starting with seeing moose that are salt-depleted by the end of winter.

They head to roadside ditches to lick up road salt especially along Highway 60 in Algonquin Provincial Park.

Then there’s hearing the great horned and eastern screech owls and seeing mourning cloak butterflies in forests on sunny days and spotting spring tails, tiny insects that look like black powder on patches of snow and downed wood.

Listen for a chorus of spring peepers – tiny frogs on warm evenings – seeing the sap flow and turning into maple syrup, hearing the chickadees sing and the tundra swans return en route to the Arctic.

You can see buds forming on trees during a spring park hike and see experienced paddlers on an ice-out adventure with higher water levels that allow them to explore areas not accessible by canoe or kayak in the summer.

More details on the Ontario Parks blog.

Full Article Here http://www.canoe.ca/Travel/Canada/2015/03/31/22318891.html

Ontario Sunset Country – part of the Trailhead North Community!

Great Accommodations in a Wilderness Location

Wildflower alongside hiking trail - Sioux NarrowsIn Ontario’s Sunset Country, you will discover a great choice of accommodations located in a wilderness location. For the fishing party or the family on a summer vacation, the region has a wide variety of lodges and resorts to choose from. You can go to a drive in facilityand this gives you the option of bringing your own boat. These locations also offer boat rentals if you would rather go that route. For something different, why not try a boat in resort or lodgewhere you take a boat to a more remote location on an island or on the mainland down the lake. For a true Northern Ontario experience, then you should consider going on a fly in fishing trip. Here you will board a Canadian bush plane …….

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Year-round roofed accommodations at Quetico Park (A Trailhead North Partner)


Year-round roofed accommodations at Quetico Park

Quetico Park

Imagine enjoying all the beauty and nature of Quetico without having to bring much gear or sleep in a tent.

Maybe you are new to camping and want to stay at a park without having to invest in equipment, or perhaps you used to be a camper and no longer want to sleep on the ground.

Whatever your preference or reason, Quetico Park has new digs to accommodate.

At Dawson Trail Campgrounds the artist studio gets converted for winter accommodations for visitor lodging. The artist studio through the summer months is used in our artist-in-residence program and was restored from an old pump-house. Lately it has been also used with a slight seasonal conversion to accommodate skiers and snow-shoers throughout the quiet seasons in the Park.

Another old pump-house in Ojibwa Campground is being converted and will be ready for year-round lodging beginning this summer.

Whether you want to ski from your doorstep, snow shoe out onto a frozen lake to auger a hole to drop a line, you can do it from your doorstep of a cabin right next to French Lake. If you’d rather wait for a day on the beach, swim or dip your paddles in the water, you will be able to access the beach and your canoe from your doorstep.

The latest and most exciting addition to their roofed accommodations is the log cabin adjacent to the main beach. It was once the Nature Centre and has been converted along with a small fridge, fireplace and rustic log furniture for lodging quarters. The log cabin is ready to rent and is available year round.

The Park cross promotes with the Beaten Path Nordic Trails and encourages visitors to try out the local ski trails and works jointly on events to draw visitors to the Atikokan/Quetico area.

With 35 km of hiking and ski trails and unlimited canoe and kayak routes, Quetico has much to offer and now includes a soft bed at the end of your day.

For more information, or to make an online reservation, visit http://www.OntarioParks.com. To reserve by telephone, call 1 888 ONT PARK. For a copy of Ontario Parks Guide, call 1 800 ONTARIO

If you have questions about Quetico and its roofed accommodations please call (807) 597 2735.

Learn about Ignace Trails. A Trailhead North Partner!

Lily Pad Lake Trails

outdoor winter activities

Lily Pad Lake Trails, located near gimak Beach offer three kilometers of trail surrounding Lily Pad Lake. The trails are well maintained and provide excellent chances to view birds and wildlife. For trail maps or to find out more about Lily Pad Lake visit the Ignace Tourist Information Centre.